Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crumb: The Documentary

Most bizarre, capturing, and sexually deviant documentary I've ever seen. Stick through the low res. I swear you won't regret it...or maybe you will. :) This is just a short segment of the documentary.

-Maxon Crumb

The Crumb brothers are a few extremely talented yet subversive artists.

Robert Crumb- The most famous of the three is the creator of the Keep on Truckin' comics and Fritz the Cat. His sexually deviancy...fetishizing women's lower half and a childhood attraction to Bugs Bunny.

Maxon Crumb- I believe the most talented of the three, Maxon spent his early years painting and molesting women. With maturity he's dropped the habit and has turned to repeatedly swallowing and passing long pieces of string living as an ascetic in San Fran.

Charles Crumb- Charles is the oldest brother credited with inspiring his two younger brothers to begin drawing. A life long obsession with the little boy in Treasure Island motivated much of his early work.

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