Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tomatoes, Hot Springs, and Jellyfish

Today I'm sharing part of  my "things to do before I die" list. Although I obsessively journal and make lists I've really avoided writing this one down.  It's constantly in flux so to spare unnecessary stress and a sizeable tree stump worth of journal paper I like to keep it in my head. In no particular order...

La Tomatina!! I can't gush enough about this. Enough tomato goop to flow and coat the streets.  This just looks like ecstasy

As longstanding a desire and Number 1 here's Number 2 (still in no particular order) I want to bathe in Iceland's geothermal hot springs. As a child I had a t-shirt with the map of Iceland on it and my mind has romanticized the place ever since.

I'm a pretty conservative eater. Anything not appealing to my texture sensitivity usually gets a glare and a place push no matter how redeeming its other delicious qualities might be. BUT I've always wanted to try Jellyfish. I want to try it in every traditional form in which it's served. Bring it on jellyfish.

Much like the rest of my life I have the experience built up in my head so I'm waiting for the "perfect jellyfish moment" to indulge.

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