Friday, April 8, 2011

The invention that unlocked a locked-in artist

I always hesitate in posting, desperately trying to find content in time that'll outdo my previous post. Today my patience was rewarded.

“The nerve disease ALS left graffiti artist TEMPT paralyzed from head to toe, forced to communicate blink by blink. In a remarkable talk at TEDActive, entrepreneur Mick Ebeling shares how he and a team of collaborators built an open-source invention that gave the artist -- and gives others in his circumstance -- the means to make art again.”

"If not now, then when? If not me, then who?" -M.Ebeling

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  1. That's real nice. There's a musician in my country who sang the same song.

    In Swahili, what Ebeling said is: Kama si saa hii, lini? Kama si mimi, nani?

    Google/search on you tube a song by an artist called Juliani titled KAMA SI SISI.

    You may not get half of what he's saying but he's saying: Who will build them if it's not us? Who will take them if it's not us? Who will save the people if it's not us? It's you and you and me.

    You'll enjoy it. God bless


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