Thursday, May 5, 2011

Evan Penny's Alice in Wonderland

Here's installment number two of creepy "skin crawlingly" hyperreal human busts...with a literal twist. Sculptor Evan Penny creates stretched, skewed, and slightly off versions of the human form. While maintaining a hyperreal quality, Penny's 3D forms are manipulated in the same way a 2D photo can be blurred or twisted. The effect induces an Alice in Wonderland level of perception of elongated heads, color shifts, and visual ripples. All the photos are of sculptures and have not been altered. "We accept the monstrous in photographs, but to pull it into three-dimensional space problemizes the 'easy read' of the blurred image." -E.Penny. 

Penny created this optical illusion using the four color process of specifically placed hairs on the sculpture's face. "Every part of [it] appears as if it is vibrating with an internal motion so powerful that the features are being shaken into dissolution even as you try, unsuccessfully, to look at them."

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  1. W.O.W. the redheaded lady is incredibly. Amazing stuff here.

    Kisses and hugs
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