Monday, June 13, 2011

Official Business Card: Dinosaur Hunter

Red Balloon, an English-language school in Brazil asked their students what they want to be when they grow up. Each student was then made an official business card for their chosen profession even if it happened to be a Dinosaur Hunter. Adorable...

RedBalloon Kids Business Cards from digous machado on Vimeo.

Caleb Gardener from The Exceptional Man comments:
"Imagine if we were all given this degree of creative freedom from such a young age. We start with this kind of imaginative power and the uninhibited ability to create any sort of future for ourselves. What I like about Red Balloon's project is that it gives these kids something tangible, something they can literally hold in their hands in order to remember how big their dreams were."


  1. awww thats just TOOO cute! and i love how the business cards indicate specifically what the kids said!

  2. i know theyre precious. even the designs are fantastic


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