Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Raining on the Inside

Out of the imagination of The Glue Society comes I Wish You Hadn't Asked, a home specifically constructed to pour down rain all over its fully furnished insides for a straight month. Drenched with 200 litres of water a minute the slowly disintegrating Denmark home is open for visitors throughout the month of June. "This is just the start," says Dive, "over the next month the house will slowly transform into an uncomfortable, hostile environment. The house should become somewhere you'd rather not be."

Throw on a yellow poncho and avoid the sodden mess of toilet paper that looks a week shy of slopping onto the floor.


  1. at first I just thought there were holes in the roof to catch rain, but it seems the water is constantly flowing? where is it coming from?

    confusing, but cool.

  2. in all the articles ive found no one seems to know :) i wonder if there's a collection system in the floor or if they really are just using that much water

  3. i once dreamt during a night of heavy rain and then that the rain went inside my room... i was like floating because it was flooding... :/

    but that house seems so cozzzzy! maybe they made a sprinkler something sytem at the roof


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